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Contractors insurance is recommended to help you protect the important things in life.  If something should happen to you, have you given any thought to how you could protect your family from the financial worries that would follow as a result of a lost income?

There are many insurance companies offering an array of life insurance policy types but most of them offer a policy that pays out a lump sum to your next-of kin(s) if you die during the term of the plan.

Accidents can happen at any time - every day – everywhere and all to often result in life-changing situations. Road traffic collisions, house fires, assaults, workplace accidents, trips and falls are common and unexpected and far too often not-planned for. If you had a serious accident resulting in you not being able to work for the rest of your life, would you have any protection that would ensure that your financial burden is eased?  What if you needed to finance adaptations to your home?

Most Contractors accident insurance plans offer affordable policies that pay out a lump sum to the policy holder in the event of serious accident and/or injury.  In the event of you loosing your life in these circumstances, you should ensure that any policy you take out will pay a lump sum to your loved ones.

You should give full consideration to any plan you take out to ensure that it will provide the financial reassurance that you hope you will never need – but would greatly ease the burden if you did.

Some points to think about when considering cover that suits your circumstances are:

·        Does your policy cover accidents at work (even for occupations deemed as particularly hazardous?

·        Does your policy cover road traffic accidents even when its your fault?

·        Does your police cover sports and hobbies deemed to be dangerous such as surfing, rock-climbing etc?

·        Does you policy cover you if you are taken ill or have an accident while abroad?

Remember, often there is no cash-in value at any time which means that if your payments stop at any time during the term of the policy your cover may end and no money will be returned to you.


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